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Compression Fittings

NC Fittings NC = Non - Corrosive
Non - Cutting
This revolutionary olive has been designed for systems where corrosion resistance and leak free connections are imperative.
The Standard DIN olives, which are heat treated and black in colour, corrode in liquids e.g Water, Oil, Paint, etc. The new NC Ring is totally Corrosion Resistant.

The NC Ring is also a good alternative to the Twin Ferrule Fittings. This Patented design swages front and back onto the tube with only one ring as opposed to the Twin Ferrule which uses two rings for the same purpose.
As with the DIN 2353 Olives, the Twin Ferrule rings are also prone to corrosion.
The NC Rings fit into the standard DIN 2353 Bodies. The Nuts are Nickel Coated to reduce friction in the threads which avoids cold welding during assemble procedures. Sizes available are from 6mm O.D. to 42mm O.D inclusive. Working Pressure 100 bar to 630 bar dependant on size with a safety factor of 4 to 1.
Compression Fittings
All DIN 2353 Stainless Steel
All manufactured in 316 TI
Sizes 6mm O.D. to 50mm O.D inclusive dependant on size.
Extensive range available from stock.